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  • Submitted: Nov 18 2012 12:23 PM
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Download Bearpocalypse 2 - Tournament Pack

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Banner is link to pack.

Mad Matt's House

Dec 27 - Jan 2
The tournament is 'officially' Dec 29-30, but if everyone actually shows up we'll probably need more time and thus do it over Dec 28-Dec 31. You can come earlier than that if you want and are able. You can stay later as well.

Mad Matt
Dark Xuxa
Captain Black
Steve Reen

Note about Formats:
The format for this tournament is set up to emphasize your overall ability rather than ability at individual songs. There is no song in the entire tournament you have to play. You always have at least some choice and because of cumulative scoring, if you're REALLY good at one aspect you can make up for being less good at another. Obviously being really good at everything is still best.

'Day 1' Format
There are 3 lists of 6 songs. You choose which list you want to play. Highest combine score total wins. You have 90 minutes total including warm up and playing your songs.


'Day 1' Song List 'Stamina' 'Mix' Speed
18 We Fucking Hate You The Scales of Struggle(hard) Egao No Mira E
17 Cold Breath CV Miota Nim Jak Szatan My Insomnias
17 We Luv Lama Twincore Maid-gic The Ordeal Becomes Great
17 Unorthodox Red 12 Little Fragments of Silence Dumpstream
17 Never Say Die OML After Hours Testament of Will
16 Vertex Beta Tell Me Why Speedcore Is So Awesome Speed of Light

These lists are set up to allow you to play to your strengths while still requiring some degree of versatility. I tried as hard as I could to make sure all lists were equally difficult to score on as a whole.

'Day 2' Format
There are 6 pairs of songs. When your time is up, the highest score you got on from each pair will be counted. Highest combine score total wins. You have 120 minutes total including warm up and playing your songs.

You only 'have' to play one form each pair, but the rule is stated in a way such that if you do want to try both you can. Whichever you do better on will be counted.

'Day 2' Song List Song 1   Song 2
Pair 1 Last Testament   Neutron Factory
Pair 2 We Fucking Hate You   Miasma CV
Pair 3 Laser Cannon Deth Sentence   Oprah Shmup CV
Pair 4 Die In Your Arms Tonight   The Scales of Struggle [Hard]
Pair 5 Rocket Rider   Boss Battle RX(Lufia II)
Pair 6 Wind Valley Boss   Egao No Mira E

I tried to make the pairs similar enough to test the same thing but different enough to make the option useful, while still having similar difficulty for scoring. The most similar pair is pair 1 because there are only 2 18s at that speed. The least similar pair is pair 4 because there are no 18s that are even remotely similar to Scales of Struggle. The small number of decent pad 18s in existence was the limiting factor in making this list. There are only about 20 of them and this list has 12.

Tournament Rules:

Try Again:
You're allowed to play any of the songs as many times as you like. Your best scores will be counted.

Fail Off:
There will be no fail-off option this time around. You have much more control over what you play this time so I feel that this option is no longer needed.

Time's Up
If you are more than half way into a song when your time expires you will be allowed to finish the song. This will not going to be an overly firm deadline, but don't expect to start Last Testament with 30 seconds left and be allowed to finish.

Each player can choose to bracket if they wish. The choice is for the entire 'day'. You cannot change your mind. You do get a different choice each day if you wish.
- If you choose bracketing, you have to bracket everything, without exception. You are not allowed to 'play for real'.
- If you choose not to bracket, you cannot bracket anything. I will neither nit-pick or explicitly define what counts as bracketing. If you have to ask "Am I allowed to xxxx?" then the answer would probably be no. I will be lenient with "my feet just kind of stopped moving" type things, particularly at higher speeds but if you violate the spirit of the rule and obviously, purposely try to bracket then your score is DQed. One thing I will make explicit is that hitting jumps with 1 foot is ok. That does not, however, make it ok to quad stomp the jump sections in Vertex Beta.

House Rules:
Clean up after yourselves or Lara will mop the floors with your blood. Bring an extra pint just in case.

Seriously though, put your dishes in the dishwasher, don't leave your soda can lying around, empty or full, etc. My house isn't that big and there will be even more people in it than last year.


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