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  • Submitted: Dec 06 2012 03:14 PM
  • Last Updated: Feb 02 2016 07:43 PM
  • File Size: 132.98K
  • Views: 1676
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Download Beast Aoreo BEAST! 3

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I included 20 songs this time around as apposed to 15 from the last pack. Also covered a bigger range of difficulty this time around. (as opposed to having all 16s+ and dropping down to 12s/13s like the last pack)Thanks to all the people that beta tested my files. Most of the charts have gone through a lot of changes since I first sent them to you :)Songlist:

Archipelagic Wasteland - Glove: Expert 14/15?
Posted Image
A typical Glove song with various bpm changes. Ends with a 12 measure run of 146bpm 24ths which makes it hard for me to tell if it's a 14 or a 15. YOLO

BB Evolution - AKHT: Expert 15
Posted Image
Decided that this needed to be restepped and I wanted to step the full version because you know, beast. Lots of candley 210 runs and bursts.

Crimson King - Demons and Wizards: Expert 16 Hard 15
Posted Image
Your typical 190bpm stamina file. Tons of run with very little break. The hard chart is identical, but is more broken up during the bigger runs.

Dargor (Shadowlord of the Black Mountain) - Rhapsody: Expert 17 Hard 15
Posted Image
170bpm streams with a few breaks here and there. Key difference between hard and expert is that expert has two 6 measure 24th runs and the hard chart does not.

Don't Be Quiet - Right Stuff: Expert 12
Posted Image
A chart that was originally by Zarkonis that he never finished. I used his cut and skeleton and redid the chart from scratch. Really fun, 165bpm with lots of short 24th bursts.

Feel Anymore - Captain Ahab: Expert 15
Posted Image
A really silly song with lots of 190bpm streams.

Hadouken - JeremyJ: Expert 16
Posted Image
Another really silly song that samples street fighter, among other various things. 240bpm runs, probably comparable to VLSI except maybe slightly harder.

Mathsma Attack - Blitz Lunar: Expert 19 Hard 18
Posted Image
Almost considered not including this in the pack because of bpm changes due to sync, but yolo. Highly recommend using a cmod on this one unless you wanna get buttfucked. Lots and lots and lots and lots of 225bpm stream. Really cool chiptune song.

My Spirit Will Go On - Dragonforce: Expert 17
Posted Image
This is nothing like Brandon's chart at all. A lot more stream, the 170bpm section has 24ths and the solo runs after have 20th runs (the equivalent of 250bpm 16th stream.) Honestly one of my favorite stamina files and I HATE stamina lul.

Pink Magic - Alek Szahala: Expert 15
Posted Image
Really cool 175bpm song with lots of runs filled with short 24th bursts.

Pure Hatred - The Berzerker: Expert 17
Posted Image
You can never have enough Berzerker. Really hard considering how short the song is. Very condensed 240 runs.

Seiken Densetsu (final battle) - Sexy Synthesizer: Expert 14 Hard 14
Posted Image
A really awesome chiptune song at 149bpm with a few 24th bursts along with footswitches. The expert chart has 5 arrow footswitches, while the hard doesn't.

Star Command - Zircon: Expert 13
Posted Image
The same song from Pump it Up Pro 2/Fiesta with a slightly different cut. Has two 2 measure 24th runs at 155 along with lots of 12th note footswitches.

Super Mario Metal Drums - Fake Smile Revolution: Expert 14
Posted Image
Basically what the title says, a metal drum cover of the main super mario themes. It runs mostly at 200bpm with a few runs here and there. Then speeds up to 225 for a bit with easier patterns, then a 150bpm run and finally back into 200. Another song i'd recommend cmodding.

Tendon - Igorrr: Expert 16
Posted Image
A slightly different cut from ChaosUnown's chart. The previous 8 measure run is now the full 16 measures and everything else outside the runs is enough to wear you down to make this a pretty difficult 16.

The Big Crunch - Danimal Cannon: Expert 14
Posted Image
Some of you may recognize this since I released it individually awhile back. It's basically the same as before except it now has a better offset.

V (Heavy Beat Remix) - Naoki Feat. TaQ: Expert 15
Posted Image
A very heavily footswitch oriented chart. 170bpm with 2 short 24th bursts as well. Bringing the old school back.

Watashi Wa Mizuki Desu - Mizuki's Last Chance: Expert 17
Posted Image
A very awesome chiptune/dubstep song with lots of 24th runs/bursts at 174bpm. Most of the difficulty is condensed into the first 30% of the chart so if you can make it out of that you can probably pass it.

Yeah Yeah Baby Yeah Up In Here Yeah Baby Getchya Getchya (fuck you Renard) - Truxton: Expert 14 Hard 15
Posted Image
A really cool song sampling a buttload of stuff. 205bpm runs, some of which are kinda hard to hear especially if you've never heard the song. The hard chart is similar except it has more runs and there is practically no break.

Z6 - Gear Projectt: Expert 17 Hard 16
Posted Image
200bpm footswitch runs go! Hard chart is basically just a run the entire time with no footswitches or bracketing.

Some of these songs are going to make appearances in future packs of mine (but with either different cuts/charts and/or full singles), but that will have to wait till another day.

Anyways keep on beasting.

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