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  • Submitted: Jan 16 2014 09:52 PM
  • Last Updated: Jan 16 2014 09:52 PM
  • File Size: 140.58MB
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Download The Legend Of Zim 3

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legend of zim 3 legend of zim zimlord


Hey guys.

As of late, a few people have been playing some of my charts on video, and some people were wondering if the simfiles were available anywhere. In the past I've solely posted my files on r21freak, so it makes sense that people who don't frequent the site wouldn't know where to get them. So I figured I'd go ahead and release my stuff here, since it seems this is a bustling simfile hub of sorts.

I've been making simfiles and graphics since 2008, and since then I've made a couple hundred or so. Like I said, I've only released my stuff at r21freak (some of my files have been included in community/tournament packs though, like Ethereal Rebellion, r21freak Bringin It Back, SSSC, VGMPP, Jimbo's 5th Sightread, KOTC2, Happy Gay Fun Time, etc). I was actually recently appointed a Staff position at r21freak, a title shared by Mootz, [ICNH], NIQ9, and a few others. I'm also a File of the Week reviewer there, meaning I review a lot of files. Anyway, I just felt it was time to branch out and dip my toes into AIJ's seemingly chill waters.

So without further ado, albeit a couple months past its initial release date, I give you The Legend of Zim Part 3. It represents some of my best work, and weighs in at an impressive 40 simfiles (106 MB). There's a great balance of straightforward simfiles and technical simfiles. I have a sweet-tooth for creative, fun gimmicks, so you can expect files of that ilk, too. Also, my song selection presents a diverse array of genres, clearly. And of course, I made all the graphics, too. The feedback on this has been great so far. I definitely recommend you check this pack out.

Posted Image

Song/simfile descriptions below:

Posted Image

ANDROMEDA II - Sota Fujimori - Psychedelic Synth Trance - Expert 13

Really awesome song by Sota from IIDX Gold. I took a "liberty" here I usually try not to take: I changed the 32nd note drills to 24th note drills. It's way more fun (and doable) this way, and it's honestly hard to tell the difference. The chart is still pretty brutal, clocking more than 1000 steps in under 2:15. Good luck with this one!

Posted Image

- edIT - Glitch - Expert 11

Beautiful song from edIT's superb Crying Over Pros For No Reason. The chart reflects the glitchy nature of the song with an assload of gimmicks. They're all sightreadable, technically, though I expect this might take a few playthroughs to get down. I had a lot of fun making this. Definitely a more "artsy" simfile, hehe.

Posted Image

Baggy Bottom Boys - Jokers of the Scene - Electro - Expert 9

Grimy electro song I found on one of the electro blogs I frequent. I originally stepped this for Jimbo's 5th Edit Tourney, but Jimbo and I eventually agreed this was too easy to be included in the tournament (I originally had this marked down as an 11, haha). Some bounce gimmicks, some really cool repetition at the end, and some neat pitch relevance in the jacks.

Posted Image

BAD BOY BASS!! (DJ Remo-con REMIX) - Y&Co. - NRG - Expert 11

Very cool, energetic song I first fell in love with on Beatmania US. It's full of energy, and I reflected that with my steps. It's a mid 11 that hardly pulls any tricky punches. It's a very straightforward file, not even any crossovers. Quite a few accenting mines, though.

Posted Image

Blame (kors k Trance Mix) - good-cool feat. Jeff Coote - Eurobeat with a hefty dash of Epic Trance -  Expert 12

This was featured in the Ethereal Rebellion Pad Pack, organized by my man ~Zero~ and a few others. I got very good feedback on this one, and I liked it quite a bit myself, so I decided to include it. It's an easier 12. 16th runs, a couple fast 24th/32nd note bursts, accenting holds going with the vocals--the works. Awesome song, too.

Posted Image

Brave King Gao Gai Gar (Mythical Version) - [Mecha Max] - Eurobeat - Expert 11

Ridiculously cool remix of one of the best, most epic anime OPs of all time: the Gao Gai Gar OP. It's your standard eurobeat simfile fare, clocking in at more than 750 steps. A bunch of 16th note runs that will keep you on your feet. Some neat gimmicks, too, which are all sightreadable.

Posted Image

Criss Cross - Ken Nakagawa - Video Game Metal - Expert 10

Very nice song from the Atelier Iris: Grand Fantasm OST. This was submitted and accepted to the now canceled VGMPP2. The song sets itself for interesting, varied steps. There are all sorts of neat things going on in here: 32nd note gallops, 24th note bursts, forced doublestepping, pitch relevance, neat gimmicks at the end, and other sweet stuff. Sorta technical, but all kinds of fun.

Posted Image

DOMINION - L.E.D.-G - Hardcore - Expert 13

Vicious song from IIDX Sirius, featured in Empress CS as a preview. It's pretty badass, and I reflected that with my steps. It's very challenging, and clocks in at more than 800 steps. A bunch of 16th note runs, demanding amen-break patterns, persistent jumps, etc. Still, pretty straightforward. Fairly difficult 13.

Posted Image

Double the Dragon - Core Contax and Swampy Boy - Chipbreak - Expert 14

Pretty fast, demanding chipbreak jam with an equally tough chart to go with it. This was also submitted and accepted to the now canceled VGMPP2. Quite a few 16th note runs, amen-break patterns, 24th note drills, jumpjumpjumps, etc. An easier 14, but still nothing to scoff at. Enjoy killing yourself with this one! Shoutouts to Monst3rjoe.

Posted Image

Empire State Glory - Dirty Androids - Cyberpunk - Expert 13

Epic song from IIDX Sirius that sets itself up for a challenging simfile. There are a bunch of 16th note runs and amen-break patterns, and even a few grueling 24th note trills, which are somewhat of a task at 173 BPM. All that said, it's not too hard to pass; I'd call it an easier 13. Pretty straightforward file.

Posted Image

Fabric - Knifehandchop - IDM/Electro - Expert 11

Chill tune from Knifehandchop. The file took me a long time to make, mainly due to the extent of the gimmicks used. The great majority of the file is composed of stop-runs, which have a nice visual effect at a higher BPM. For the hard of hearing/the haters, they're all going with the glitched vocals and, later on, the glitchy synth cutoff. After the stops you're treated to some crazy bounce tricks that capture the swelling synth well. I really like this file and have been meaning to make it forever. I feel glad to finally release it.

Posted Image

Fiddle 2003 - CreamBase - Handz Up - Expert 11

Featured in Jimbo's 5th Edit Tournament this summer, this file is all about 64th notes. Jimbo and I were excited to see how the tourney contestants fared on this one, considering these interesting, unusual rhythms. Other than that, it's pretty straightforward--only a handful of crossovers. There are also some 16th note runs and some 12th note sections. Needless to say, it's a colorful file.

Posted Image

Fuurin - deco_diz - Oriental DnB - Expert 12

This is probably my favorite file I've ever made. It is also going to be featured in the Super Mega Awesome Gay Fun Time Tournament [ICNH] and Trinidad are hosting this January. The file is very interesting, rhythmically. There is a lot of pitch relevance here, especially in the 16th runs and perhaps most notably with a long hold later on. Credit for the skeleton goes to the keyboard step artist, t0rajir0u. So yeah, have fun with this!

Posted Image

Gangster Drive 191 - CanBlaster - Breakcore - Expert 13

Pretty neat breakcore tune from CanBlaster. It's an easier 13, mostly composed of amen-break 16th note patterns, no surprise here. There are a few 24th note trills. No real gimmicks, save a few stops at the beginning and a couple sightreadable slowdowns. The end is complete mindfuck, however.

Posted Image

hARPIES15HP - Wisp - IDM - Expert 10

Relaxing IDM tune from Reid Dunn, aka Wisp. The chart is pretty straightforward. It consists mostly of simple 16th note patterns at 168 BPM. There are some pitch-relevant 8th note jacks here and there, too. Definitely an easier 10.

Posted Image

Husikam Rave Dojo - Venetian Snares - Breakcore - Expert 13

Crazy song from the one and only Aaron Funk. This chart was the featured 13 in Jimbo's 5th Edit Tourney. It's pretty persistent, and the pain hardly lets up. 16th note runs, 24h note drills, the works. Quite a bit of pitch relevance to be noted, especially in the 16th note patterns. Some sightreadable gimmicks. The step count is like 950 or something ridiculous. Woo.

Posted Image

In da Dans Ha - Mootz - Chip Hop - Expert 11

Very cool song from our very own Mootz. This was also featured in Jimbo's 5th Edit Tourney, and it's received pretty good feedback since then. It also won File of the Week a while back. Understandably, I decided to include it. It's a tougher 11, with all sorts of patterns going on. No crossovers though. Yeah, have fun with this one here. Shoutouts to Mootz, obviously.

Posted Image

In The Ruins - good-cool feat. CHiCO - Eurobeat - Expert 11

Awesome eurobeat song from Pop'n 15. I was really pleased with this when I released it over the summer and decided I had to include it. It has the structure of your usual eurobeat simfile, but packs all sorts of neat punches. Bursts, gimmicks, the like. Some nice repetition at the end!

Posted Image

IN THE NAME OF LOVE - Y&Co. feat. Erika - Eurobeat - Expert 11

Kickass eurobeat, precisely what you'd expect from Y&Co. I released this file over the summer, and I still find it awesome, so I included it. It's pretty straightforward up until the end, where we're treated to some crazy (yet sightreadable) gimmicks. Cute song from jubeat OST.

Posted Image

Jig - Tom Encore - Dubstep - Expert 11

Grimy dubstep from Tom Encore. This simfile will also be included in the Super Mega Awesome Gay Fun Time tournament. It's VERY gimmicky (and not at all sightreadable), though entirely worth your time learning the tricks. To date it's one of my favorite gimmick files I've ever made. It also features pitch relevant 12th note jackhammers! Did I mention WOBBLY BASS GOGOGOGO.

Posted Image

KINDER - Mootz - KINDERCORE - Expert 15

Brutal breakcore jam from our very own Mootz. I showed him this banned Kinder Surprise Ad a while back, and together we thought up the idea for a ridiculous song sampling the audio. Mootz worked his magic and pooped out this crazy tune. This is a very hard 15 (also, sweet gimmicks woot). Mad Matt can probably pass this, but I doubt anyone else can. Someone prove me wrong.

Posted Image

journey of a kite - John Reynoso - Post Rock - Expert 12

Neat song from Newgrounds Audio Portal I cooked up steps for. The file is pretty technical, since I layer quite a bit and follow almost everything going on in the music. You'd expect a song like this to warrant an easier file, but I'm revolutionizing shit and serving you a jump-step-centric, drilltastic 12. Pretty little song--pretty challenging file.

Posted Image

Livin The Dream (I'm On A Float) - Super Mash Bros. - Mash-up - Expert 11

Awesome mash-up song from Super Mash Bros' All About The Scrillions. The file is interesting, I would actually call it a mash-up itself. The first half or so (Twista's vocals) is nice and technical, while the second half spices things up with a little Dan23. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll let your figure out what I mean. Needless to say, expect STREAMZ. Oh, and shoutouts to mute for the awesome cut!:D

Posted Image

Love Letter - MEG - J-Electro - Expert 11

J-Electro jam from MEG. I had been envisioning a file for this for a long time, and I'm happy to finally be releasing it. It's a little gimmicky, I won't lie, but it's a lot of fun. There is a Silikon-esque stop section near the end that doesn't take too much time to learn, but might trip you up on a sightread. Some crossovers throughout. Mid 10.

Posted Image

- DJ TECHNORCH - Hard Hop - Expert 11

Classic, gritty Technorch right here, straight outta IIDX DJ TROOPERS. This was released a while back, but I like it still, so I included it. A pretty challenging simfile. Quite a few gimmicks, some crossovers, 12th note jacks, accenting all over the place--yeah, definitely a technical chart. Still, it's pretty fun.

Posted Image

Musou Ota - Suara - J-Pop - Expert 9

This is the OP to Utawarerumono, and is one of my favorite tunes to rock out to. The chart is very straightforward and simple. I've really enjoyed it every time I've pad-tested it; I hope you do the same. Watch out for the 24th bursts!

Posted Image

Only My Railgun - FripSide - J-Pop/Rock - Expert 9

The OP to the currently airing To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. It's a fun, energetic song, and this chart hopefully matches that energy. It's a tougher 9, some would probably call it a 10. There is some neat repetition going with the vocals, among other awesome things. Eat it up!

Posted Image

Prelude - NAOKI Underground - Trance - Expert 10

Epic trance song from IIDX 9th Style. The steps are straightforward, though there are a few rhythmically challenging spots in the middle piano section. Other than that, it should be easy to score on this. No gimmicks, and few crossovers. A few 32nd note triplets though, watch out for those crispy fuckheads.

Posted Image

Presto - Osamu Kubota - Piano Thing - Expert 10

The enigmatic Presto, from Beatmania US, among other mixes. The chart is rhythmically a little technical, but should be a lot of fun. A few crossovers here and there, but nothing serious. The toughest part is probably nailing all the weird rhythms, which aren't even that bad. Wooty woot.

Posted Image

Psydrums - Beatslaughter vs. Tenda - Psytrance - Expert 12

The moment I played Flightmix's simplified 16th note centric file of this, I knew I had to make my own turquoise-flavored version. This turned out to be a technical bitch, but I still like it. Every note color is represented here, and the patterns are by no means easy. There are 32nd/24th note trills and bursts, long 64th note swing sections, and everything in between. VERY technical simfile.

Posted Image

quell -the seventh slave- - dj TAKA vs DJ YOSHITAKA - Trance - Expert 10

Awesome song featured in IIDX DistorteD CS. The tune is straightforward, and so is the stepchart. I pull no real punches here, save a brief slowdown during the piano section. Other than that, this is completely sightreadable.

Posted Image

Rainbow Road - iamerror - Nintendocore - Expert 13

Fast paced Nintendocore jam from iamerror. This sets itself up for a challenging r21, and I deliver. Plenty of 16th note runs, with short breaks in between. It's all pretty straightforward up until the end, where the rhythms get (in the words of Mad Matt) "fucked up." The syncopation is a little odd, though ridiculously cool once learned.

Posted Image

Real Over Drive - NieN - Rock - Expert 11

Cool song from DJ MAX Black Square; it sounds a lot like NB RANGERS Returns from the Bringin It Back Pack, just to give you an idea. The chart is straightforward enough. A couple badass stop gimmicks that will take like two playthroughs to learn, some 32nd note bursts, one slowdown, etc. Pretty epic song. Mid 11.

Posted Image

Remedy (Buffetlibre vs. Sidechains Remix) - Little Boots - Electro Pop - Expert 9

Sidechainy, pumped remix of the Little Boots hit. It's an easy 9, save the 16th note run near the beginning. There is a lot of pitch relevance here, too. For example, I treat you folks to some neat intentional doublestepping. There are also spins, something I don't so often, though decided to try here. No real gimmicks, just a few simple stops.

Posted Image

Rock Ya Hardcore (Hixxy Remix) - DJ Kurt - Hardcore - Expert 10

Hardcore tune from DJ Kurt, which I first came across in MGD2. I restepped since it had the potential for a much more interesting chart. This file is an older one of mine that I fixed up just the other day. The notorious bounce gimmick that turns 8th notes into 12th notes is highlighted here, so big shoutout to Kyzentun, since I know he loves that gimmick. Other than that, nothing too challenging. Few gimmicks here and there. Easy 10.

Posted Image

Squid Vs. Pantyhose - m1dy vs. M-Project - J-Core - Expert 12

Absolutely, ridiculously, fucking amazing hardcore tune right here (really, it's that good). The chart is a tough 12, with plenty of 16th note runs, a couple 32nd note triplets, and a few other abortions which are no easy task at 180 BPM. There are some gimmicks, too, many of which involve rolls. Pretty neat, though demanding, simfile. I guess I should mention that the graphics are somewhat NSFW, depending on your community standards regarding obscenity. Shoutouts to Tentacle Rape.

Posted Image

Summer Vacation (Bounce Connected Style) - TaQ - Trip Hop - Expert 11

Awesome song from TaQ that I've been meaning to step forever. It's a little tricky. There are 16th note runs with crossovers, 64th note gallops, 32nd note trills, etc. Gimmick-wise, nothing too serious aside from a slowdown near the beginning and a stop later on. Pretty fun simfile. Mid 11.

Posted Image

Take U To Da Movies - Bangs - Superstar Hip Hop! - Expert 14

This simfile will take u to da movies. Anyone who isn't familiar with Bangs and his lyrical feats should go familiarize themselves ASAP. His sweets beats and mad rhymes are truly a joy to listen to. This chart is hard; the difficulty reflects the hardships Bangs has encountered in his rise to fame in the hip hop game, and it references his upcoming album, Hard To Be Up, which you all need to cop when it drops. And yes, if you haven't guessed already, this is the pack's token joke chart. Background video is included, obviously.

Posted Image

The 7 Wonderz (JAKAZiD Remix) - Depath and M-Project - J-Core - Expert 12

Epic hardcore jam from Depath and M-Project, remixed by the brilliant Joshka. This was released a while back, but I figured I'd go ahead and include it since it's a pretty neat 12. It's kinda tough. There are a bunch of 16th note runs, some 24th note burst things, and some other wicked awesome shit. A few gimmicks, though nothing too serious. Fairly straightforward.

Posted Image

Yang Gui Fei - Cranky - Oriental Happy Jam Thing With Bursts - Expert 11

Awesome, energetic song from Cranky's Ryzme 4U. It's on the slower side, but has all sorts of tough rhythms. Everything from twisty 24th note bursts to 32nd note gallops. There is also a cool run with 16th note jacks and 24th notes going with the piano. Yeah, this file has a lot of variety. Have fun with it!

Anyway, that's about it. Thanks for checking this out! I promise you won't be disappointed by my work. Peace. :-?)

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