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  • Submitted: Jan 16 2014 10:01 PM
  • Last Updated: Feb 02 2016 07:37 PM
  • File Size: 194.3MB
  • Views: 1718
  • Downloads: 346

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  • 16 Jan 2014 Download Cirque Du Lykan

Download Cirque Du Lykan

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* Note this is not the pack's official graphic.. but it was going to be
Posted Image

I proudly present Cirque du LYKAN, the next addition to the CIRQUE repertoire.

This pack contains 50 songs between 170 and 200 bpm, with difficulties between 13 and 17 for all expert charts.

[hide=SONG LIST]
[table color=black]
[row]    SONG                [col]     M    [col]     H    [col]     X    
[row]    3y3s                [col]     10    [col]     14    [col]     15    
[row]    A Reyvateil's Curse            [col]     11    [col]     13    [col]     15    
[row]    Air                [col]     10    [col]     13    [col]     13    
[row]    Alive in the Darkness        [col]         [col]         [col]     17    
[row]    ApolloN                [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    Artemis                [col]         [col]         [col]     17    
[row]    Ascension to Heaven        [col]         [col]         [col]     17    
[row]    Atmos Break            [col]     10    [col]     12    [col]     13    
[row]    Azul Remix            [col]     10    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Beyond the Stars            [col]     9    [col]     11    [col]     13    
[row]    Blue Zenith            [col]         [col]     15    [col]     17    
[row]    Creation                [col]     10    [col]     12    [col]     14    
[row]    Critical Crystal            [col]     10    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Crystal Wind            [col]     11    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Cyber Sparks            [col]     9    [col]     13    [col]     15    
[row]    Destination of the Heart        [col]     10    [col]     12    [col]     14    
[row]    Disconnected            [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    Division 4                [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    Ecstasy 2007            [col]     9    [col]     13    [col]     15    
[row]    Forgotten Ancient (Remix)        [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    Future Destination            [col]     12    [col]     14    [col]     15    
[row]    Galactic Astro Domination        [col]     11    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Gateway to Psycho        [col]     10    [col]     14    [col]     15    
[row]    Grief & Malice            [col]     10    [col]     13    [col]     15    
[row]    Hardcore Overdoze            [col]     11    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Higan Retour (Idling Mix)        [col]     12    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Himiko                [col]     11    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Hollywood Galaxy            [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    Love Wars            [col]     11    [col]     12    [col]     15    
[row]    Memoria Reborn            [col]     10    [col]     13    [col]     15    
[row]    Monolith Renaissance        [col]     11    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    No Other Choice            [col]     12    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    OMAEEE                [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    One More Lovely            [col]     10    [col]     14    [col]     15    
[row]    Orbital Strike            [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    Paradise Lost            [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    Pure Ruby            [col]     11    [col]     12    [col]     13    
[row]    Quadraphinix            [col]     10    [col]     12    [col]     15    
[row]    Red Lucifer Rising             [col]     11    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Respectful Potential        [col]     11    [col]     12    [col]     14    
[row]    Reunion                [col]     10    [col]     12    [col]     13    
[row]    Royally Screwed            [col]     10    [col]     12    [col]     14    
[row]    Squartatrice            [col]     10    [col]     12    [col]     14    
[row]    St. Scarhand            [col]     10    [col]     13    [col]     15    
[row]    Thor                [col]         [col]         [col]     16    
[row]    Tower of Saints            [col]     11    [col]     12    [col]     14    
[row]    Unlimited Spark!            [col]     10    [col]     13    [col]     14    
[row]    Valiant                [col]     9    [col]     12    [col]     14    
[row]    Vertex BETA            [col]         [col]     15    [col]     16    
[row]    World End's Yama Xanadu        [col]         [col]     16    [col]     17    

* Note that the block breakdowns are not listed here:

This pack was created to solely target the mid-tier player and to provide a number of great songs with consistent and enjoyable charts. This pack holds alot of replay value, and most (if not all) of the songs are quaddable.

As far as difficulties go, I have again overhauled my ratings system to be less precise. Difficulties now fall into the following five further breakdowns within each block:


This was done because of the need for greater accuracy but also because many of the songs are all of a similar difficulty; listing them all as the same whole block difficulty would not help in determining how hard it is.


Included in this pack are a number of bonuses:

- COURSES: There are 13 courses included to provide extra replay and monetary value. Most of the courses run from between 14 and 28 minutes, and most feature 6 stages. They are included in the download and can be copy/pasted straight into the /COURSES folder.

- A PDF USER MANUAL: Silphur8 (A local player) compiled an excellent 21-page user guide with a large amount of information. Included are a number of analyses and statistics regarding the charts, information on each specific course, full stream breakdowns of every chart and some nice miscellaneous information that showcases a little history of the pack and its formation stages.

- A SMALLER README: My original readme Excel spreadsheet with just the most important info.

I've tried really hard to be consistent with this pack, both in bpm, music choice and stepping style. As with Veyron and Zonda, the bpm theme is 170-200, with  180-200 given the most focus. Musically I wanted stuff that .... sounded good (to me at least), but alot of the stuff that's been coming out lately has been any of the following:

- Speedcore
- Sharpnel
- Chiptune
- really long and REALLY hard
- has DOWNS

I seem to be well suited to stepping in the 180-200 range, and alot of my Sharpnel stuff receives a solid share of airtime, so I decided to write a pack that worked to that strength with the genres of music that I enjoy to step the most.
- Zeph for letting me use two of his songs
- Silphur8 for syncing every song, playtesting and making the bigass pdf that I'm sure EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU will devote hours to examining closely
- Love Matt's presentation of Tachyon Epsilon, so I've made my thread like that one and will probably do it similarly from now on
[hide=>> MUTE RESYNC NOTES <<]
Aside from perfecting all the bpm and offset values, I did also replace four of the audio files: Air, Gateway to Psycho, Orbital Strike, and Paradise Lost. Air was pretty bad quality and it clipped (I'm assuming you just used the audio from Reach's old file). You may notice that the new audio file is in a different key; that's actually how the original song is. I'm not sure why the old audio file was pitch-shifted up a semitone, but whatever. I avoided doing that because those transformations usually do weird stuff to the audio data that results in drifty waveforms. If for whatever reason you want to use the old audio file, it's still in the song folder and the appropriate offset is listed in the file name.

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