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  • Submitted: Jan 25 2015 01:11 AM
  • Last Updated: Sep 25 2016 01:24 PM
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This is Cranked Pastry, the Dark Psytrance stamina pack. With the help of Zaia and UPSFANBOY420, this pack contains 30 stamina intensive Dark Psytrance (and Hi-Tech, a very closely related genre of Psytrance) songs with a total of 37 charts. In creating this pack I had three goals in mind:
1. One-up Oh Henry! as the hardest stamina pack. *check*
2. Redeem Dark Psytrance as a music genre after Oh Henry! *check*
3. Get other people to consider stepping or to step Dark Psytrance. *check*

With the first goal, that has been basically destroyed. Oh Henry! had an average difficulty of 17.2 while this has an average difficulty of 18. With the second, if TJ and the rest of my news feed tells me anything, you guys have polar opposite views to Dark Psytrance now vs 6 months ago.
What is important about the third that wasn't addressed with the creation of Oh Henry! is the viability Dark Psytrance has as a music genre in ITG. Dark Psytrance is basically the speedcore of stamina. Yes, it is mostly free and only 20% (+/- 20 depending on who you ask) is even worth considering stepping, but unlike speedcore, Dark Psytrance is much more popular worldwide meaning that 20% is large. It'd be a shame for such a perfectly steppable genre to go to waste.

There are 30 songs with 37 total charts.


Difficulty charts
15 1
16 6
17 7
18 11
19 7
20 3
21 1
24 1
Song E H X
Acid Monster -- -- 16
Addiction -- -- 18
Alien Interview 19 -- 16
Beat of Life 24 -- 18
Bloody Hell Mate -- -- 17
Death of the Dead Sea -- -- 16
Demente Acida -- -- 19
Destination Talos -- -- 17
Detonator -- -- 18
Digital Messias -- -- 18
Ganbatte 18 -- 17
Instigator -- 18 19
JackOff Marathon -- -- 20
Last Trip -- -- 21
Los Tscheppera -- 17 17
Nocturnal Nectar -- -- 15
Peter on Crack -- -- 20
Robot Brain Era -- -- 18
Shanti (Angry Luna Mix) -- -- 18
Shanti (Gotalien Mix) -- -- 18
Shogoki -- -- 16
Silver Screen -- -- 17
Sleep Well -- -- 16
Squirrel Vision -- 18 19
Stars -- -- 19
The End -- -- 19
The Galaxy Being -- -- 16
Tripping Traffic 20 -- 18
UVB 76 -- -- 17
Wild Neko -- -- 18

I realize that I've already copied matt's format for the tables above but I would just like to echo his statement that difficultes at the end of the day really don't matter. It is safe to assume that each of these is the hardest file ever made at that bpm (with some exceptions). The most useful way to use difficulties here is to compare files in this pack on relative difficulty at a given BPM range. That being said... because this pack is so hard, the first person to complete all expert charts will get a super exclusive t-shirt.

Things you should know:

I have a TON of information in the readme for this pack. I spent a lot of time on it, and while it may not be as professional as the one in Lykan, I feel there is a lot of useful information there.

Easy charts are footspeed/stamina hybrid charts. The stamina is the same as the expert, with footspeed added in by Chino.
If a chart has a hard chart that means the expert is a bit dumpier than normal, since all hard charts were originally the expert charts but I deemed them too easy.
The way I made 20ths in Oh Henry! was wrong. Use this version of Detonator and The End instead.


I gave credit where credit was due in the readme, but upfront here are a few people. Shoutouts to Sudzi for making the pack graphics (sorry for ruining them, but there wasn't enough pastry before). Shoutouts to UPSFANBOY420 and Zaia for helping me get this done, I really appreciate it. Shoutouts to the people who synced the files and who tested them. You were all important in your own ways. Big shoutouts to the Dark Psytrance community as well. Artists such as Shouton, Gotalien, Setek, Parandroid, MetaHuman, and Fele thought it was really cool to see the videos of people playing charts to their music (even though a few admitted they had no idea what was going on). Shouton gave me a ton of unreleased stuff for this pack, and while I only used one song of those, I think that was a very nice gesture of him since he actually makes a living by making music.

If you are to step Dark Psytrance/Hi-Tech, I would recommend any of the artists in the pack. I unfortunately couldn't get to every good Dark Psytrance artist in this pack and there are still a ton of good artists you should check out. Off the top of my head, Arcek, Cosmic Lizard, Kaikkialla, Paralocks, Loose Connection, Apollyon, and Yoshihiro are all great. The first thing I would check out is Not a Fairytale from Ektoplasm records. 7/30 of the songs on Cranked Pastry come from that one album and we left 61 other steppable songs for the rest of you.

Alright, that's it! Happy stamina!

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