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  • Submitted: Jan 25 2015 12:22 PM
  • Last Updated: Jan 25 2015 12:22 PM
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Download Cirque du Zeppelin

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Cirque du Zeppelin


Welcome to Cirque du ZEPPELIN, the fourth entry in the Cirque series. Dirk Doherty won the rights to name this pack, and his actual suggestion was the word 'Dirigible' it evolved into this.

This pack contains 40 songs set between 150 and 175 bpm, with expert difficulties between 12 and 16.


Posted Image
* Stream breakdowns are available in the song description, viewable in the songwheel

This pack is very similar to Cirque du Lykan (read: the exact same) and I made it to fill a gap in a bpm and difficulty range. This time, it was players at the 12-14 level who were looking for songs to help them move up into stuff like Pendulum and Sharpnel.

I've kept the same rating system as before (and I will use this permanently), and I've taken into consideration the feedback I got from Lykan regarding the difficulties of lower charts (underrated).

I've learned alot about interpreting music and stepping notes, particularly streams, since Cirque du Lykan and the style I've adopted for this pack is an evolution of the style I established with Lykan. You will recognise many patterns that I have used in other songs being employed again here. Whether or not this is to the benefit or detriment of your personal tastes in patterns, I cannot predict and certainly cannot ultimately accommodate for, but I feel like I have improved my stepping meta and the subsequent packs I made after this one are definitely improvements over it. Zeppelin is definitely not my best work (Helblinde and Rebuild of Sharpnel are lightyears ahead in terms of chart quality), but it is still an improvement over Lykan.

Pretty happy overall with the music choice that I went with. You will find some great new artists that I introduce to everyone, a few from artists I have used before, a number of resteps of existing songs in prior packs (both pad and keyboard), and even a few well-established classics.

I've also experimented with something very out-of-character for Fancy Footwork! I haven't released anything like that so far, so everyone knows me for stepping stamina or fast stuff, so here's something a little unorthodox for you guys to try out~


Zeph again for introducing to me the following songs:
 - 10 Minutes
 - A Brighter Day
 - Aggressive 201
 - Amore
 - Typhoon Impulse
Lachlan Miller for a couple he stepped initially but weren't suitable for wider release:
 - Amazing
 - Go Go Sing

I had a few betas to help playtest stuff. Steph played a good number of them and provided feedback for some of the non-expert charts, so props to her. Not many of the stamina bros played this pack and Ryan and didn't even wanna copy it onto his machine ('... It doesn't even have a single seventeen? What are you doing'), so fuck you guys


Mute-- Hey, Fraxtil and I finished resyncing Cirque du Zeppelin. I did everything alphabetically up to moon_child, Fraxtil did everything after that. Some songs have new audio files, some have fixed song titles/artist names, all have fixed music previews that loop perfectly.

Everything should be kosher but double-check everything because sometimes I'm dumb and I make stupid mistakes.

I also made an alternate banner/bg, just in case you care to use them.

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