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East Coast Stamina 1 (ECS1) Schedule!

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I'm hosting (and doing a ~LIVE STREAM~ of) a tournament at my house this weekend, and the best stamina players on the eastern coast of the United States were all invited, including:

Myself (Archi/Ian)
Captain Black/Rich
Steve Reen/STEVEREEEEEEN I mean Steve (unfortunately probably not attending, but listed anyway)

Day 1 (Saturday) of the tournament, everyone will play one song and the scores they get will be ranked to determine placement.  On Day 2 (Sunday), the tournament is gauntlet-style, much like Bearpocalypse was.  Each entrant will play six songs I've pre-determined, with a maximum of three-minutes for break in between each.  At the end, the players will be ranked according to their cumulative score on the songs.

On both days, each player will have 20 minutes to warm-up.  Bracketing/mashing/etc. is not allowed; if you start to bracket, you're done with that song, and the score you get after you walk-off and fail is what will be recorded.  Use your common sense here; I'm not going to split hairs over one-footing a jump or bracketing some 8ths, but mashing through streams is not okay.

Links to the stream and to pages tallying the scores will be posted once the tournament begins (probably will be streaming people playing Friday night as well), but the schedule is as follows (players haven't been assigned to times yet):

*Note that all times are EST*

Saturday, September 22nd:
3:00 PM: First player
4:30 PM: Second player
6:00 PM: Third player
7:30 PM: Fourth player
9:00 PM: Fifth player
10:30 PM: Sixth player

Sunday, September 23rd:
11:00 AM: First player
12:30 PM: Second player
2:00 PM: Third player
3:30 PM: Fourth player
5:00 PM: Fifth player
6:30 PM: Sixth player

Stay tuned for more information!





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Just as a heads up, me and Mike will need to be out of there no later than 5pm - since I have to be back by 6:30. Unless he wants to get a ride with Rich, but for now it sounds like we'll be carpooling. Do you still need me to bring my desktop because I'll gladly do that !

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