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East Coast Stamina 1 Results!

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Pendulum: Hold Your Colour Marathon

Scores have been multiplied by six to scale with the day two scores.  The scaled result is next to the actual percentage score on the marathon.

1st Place:  Captain Black ( 98.56 ) [591.36 scaled]
2nd Place:  Krushrpants ( 98.39 ) [590.34 scaled]
3rd Place:  Zetorux ( 96.70 ) [580.20 scaled]
4th Place:  Rawinput ( 74.20 ) [445.20 scaled]
5th Place:  Steve REEEEEEEEEN ( 54.87 ) [329.22 scaled]
6th Place:  Archi ( 54.48 ) [326.88 scaled]


Click here for more detailed breakdowns

Highest possible cumulative score is 600, of course, since there were six songs on the second day.

1st Place:  Archi [555.78 cumulative]
2nd Place:  Zetorux [539.35 cumulative]
3rd Place:  Captain Black [537.26 cumulative]
4th Place:  Krushrpants [469.93 cumulative]
5th Place:  Rawinput [383.26 cumulative]
6th Place:  Steve REEEEEEEEEN [236.60 cumulative]


Players are ranked by adding the cumulative from day two and the scaled day one scores together.

1st Place: Captain Black: 1128.62
2nd Place: Zetorux: 1119.55
3rd Place: Krushrpants: 1060.27
4th Place: Archi: 882.66
5th Place: Rawinput: 828.46
6th Place: Steve REEEEEN: 565.82

Videos of the event will be available in the near future hopefully!

Awesome stuff that happened:

-Rich coming out of nowhere and winning Day 1 and overall
-Mike coming out of nowhere and almost passing the Pendulum HYC Marathon
-Rich going from having passed 0 17s coming into Day 2 to having passed 4
-Rich, Bryan, and Phil passing the Pendulum HYC Marathon
-Bryan 98'd Magic Cycles, 97ing Absolute Zero, and 97ing Moonearth on Day 2
-Steve Reen not giving a FUCK and beasting through half of the HYC Marathon with a horrible leg cramp
-Steve Reen not giving a FUCK and 98ing OML After Hours with a horrible leg cramp, which only two other people passed, both with over 10% lower
-Steve Reen not giving a FUCK and almost 99ing Gate Openerz with a horrible leg cramp, which was the highest score anyone got on it
-Phil and I passing every song on Day 2
-Me breaking 550 cumulative on Day 2 and winning first on that day
-Me simultaneously getting both first place Day 2 and last place Day 1, rofl

This was definitely one of the best weekends of my life.  I want to give a special thanks to my friend Ryn for leaving her machine in my care-- it made this event possible and it's just generally been awesome to be able to play on it in general.  I also want to thank all of EAST COAST STAMINA for being such amazing friends and for supporting me in my playing, my chart writing, and putting up with all my bullshit :-P  I love all of you.  I'm gonna mention Mad Matt as well obviously, because he's the most fucking inspiring ITG player ever.  I LOVE YOU BRO.  Thanks also to everyone who watched the stream and hung out in the chat-- you guys were very encouraging AND LARA I WILL BUY A TOWEL VERY SOON (and I promise I won't say black lamp as often as everyone else).  Big thanks to JHP/Foulu for picking up food for us and driving Steve to his bus stop early as fuck this morning (and grats on passing Spiral!).  

Most importantly, shoutouts to STREAMZ.  EAST COAST STAMINA.





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Seconding the whole one of the most fun weekends ever thing !

There's a crapton of video to go through, Ill try to have it up online somewhere this week, if not tomorrow. The internet at my house is complete garbage, so I have to either go to Linkums' house, or to the college campus nearby. Even with 220kbps upload it would still take almost a day to ul everything at linkums' place, so... hopefully the net at school is faster, which I think it is.

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