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[Pack] Pendulum - Act 1: Hold Your Colour

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File Name: Pendulum - Act 1: Hold Your Colour
File Submitter: Krushrpants
File Submitted: 29 Sep 2012
File Category: Simfile Packs

This is the first in what will be at least a three part release of the Pendulum pack. Act 1 includes all 13 of the songs on the original Hold Your Colour album, plus the two that replaced Still Grey and Another Planet on the 2007-reissue of it, as well as assorted songs from In Silico, Immersion and various singles. Act 2 will have In Silico in its entirety (in otherwords the remaining seven songs I haven't stepped from that album) plus another eight songs from other sources, and Act 3 will have all of the seven songs missing from Immersion in it as well as, again, eight additional songs. Past that, if I can find another 15 good songs to step for a fourth release I will, but by the third release the pack will already have 60 songs in it (which is like plenty).

Pendulum Act 1 adds full difficulties to the 13 original Pendulum songs I stepped from Disbalance 2 and 3, heavy revisions for some of the charts (particularly Under The Waves, Crush, Watercolour, and Propane Nightmares), as well as 17 completely new songs.

Once again, I've broken down block-ratings further just to give people an idea of what order to try to tackle these in, but keep in mind that all ratings are subjective (and for some of the further-breakdowns you'll have to forgive me if I'm off because I wrote 150 freaking charts for this release, so I don't remember them all perfectly). Novice isn't listed because all the charts are 1's and who cares. For the easier difficulties I've broken things down using +'s and -'s; a 10- is an easy ten, a 10 is a mid ten, and a 10+ is a hard ten, to illustrate. I also included data on the number of steps, the BPMs, the album, and the average step densities (hereafter ASD) of many of the charts (calculated by dividing the number of steps by the length of time between the first and the final step). I've also denoted which charts have changed since previous releases of the pack so that people who've tested or played older versions of charts in Disbalance 2 or 3 can know which charts to check out.

As a disclaimer, I should mention that I did almost all of this write-up in one sitting, so forgive any typos/incorrect data in it.

For those interested, here's the breakdown of difficulties:

1's: 30
2's: 1
3's: 3
4's: 1
5's: 0
6's: 1
7's: 3
8's: 1
9's: 18
10's: 13
11's: 12
12's: 11
13's: 26
14's: 11
15's: 14
16's: 5

The Pendulum pack is geared towards players who are playing on the expert level of difficulty already. You could literally go from passing 9s to passing 16s without leaving this pack. I've provided a pretty defined gradient of challenge to help anyone who wants to become a beast.


Song List:


9,000 Miles
Another Planet
Axle Grinder
Back 2 You
Blood Sugar
Fasten Your Seatbelt
Girl in the Fire
Hold Your Colour
Hold Your Colour
Out Here
Propane Nightmares
Self vs. Self
Sounds of Life
Still Grey
The Fountain
The Island
The Terminal
Through the Loop
Under the Waves


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fantastic pack man

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