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[Pack] Cirque Du Zonda

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File Name: Cirque Du Zonda
File Submitter: Krushrpants
File Submitted: 04 Jan 2014
File Category: Simfile Packs

Posted Image

There isn't enough 200-240

Have 30 more

README file here with following information:
Song name / Song artist / Length / BPM / Difficulties

Massive thanks to Silphur8 (Byron aka Worm Guy if anyone remembers that Sharpnelstreamz review pdf), a local who synced this pack. I have no idea how he did it but I'm confident in his ability to sync and he is too. Holler if something is wrong about it.
     Thanks to all those who suggested songs in my first thread about this pack - Elemental Creation, Heavenly Spores and Connect got in.
     Thanks to anyone who tested and who provided feedback (nobody, except for Bryan Shaub who believes Black Hole should be a 17). Sam also believes it should be a 17. I did not rate it a 17.

I like this one a lot more than Veyron, which had some filler to meet the 30 song quota. This pack has more originals and less resteps, and some classics are being given new life.

KNOWN ISSUES - some of these have been fixed with the 12 December update


- Apocynthion Drive was not perfectly synced, he couldn't do it FIXED
- Cry of the Brave expert is rated 17.9 in the description and 18 in the block rating FIXED
- Thru Our Scars has album art FIXED
- some songs are slightly and severely underrated FIXED
- Ridiculous Ravers did not have rolls (m24-26) FIXED
- X Kirby's artist name is spelt XKirby

Click here to download this file

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