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#threerapids (NFR8) Hard Stuff ITG Tournament - June 27-30 2014

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Welcome to the #threerapids !  Figured I should really start putting some info out there so people can plan for it... so here it is.

General Notes
The original intention of this tournament was to give people an alternative to the Fort Rapids (FR) ITG tournament; I won't go into the why of things, since they don't exactly matter at this point. With that being said, I think its a huge bummer that the new FR management won't cater to our group anymore.

As much as I'd like to have the entire community at my house, I cant logistically handle that many people, nor do I want to. I am renting this place with 2 other people... and yes, they live here too. They will likely be around the dates of the tournament. The event is invite only not only so I can control the number of people, but I can somewhat control what substances *ahem* end up at the house. Please leave stuff at home. Alcohol is still up in the air, but leaning more towards saying to leave that at home too... we'll see.

I may be coordinating with Kyle to get his machine up here for the event, but that is yet to be determined. Heck, I was halfway serious about buying a 2nd dedicab, but do want to check into getting at least another one here for the event.

As stated, I AM RENTING the house and the property with 2 others. Our lease goes until the end of August before we have to renew. Being in a rental situation (where the landlord is actively trying to sell the property) means that at any point I could be told to leave... but with a few weeks' notice. For anyone coming from across the country or even from outside of the US, this is a somewhat important detail.

Tournament Structure
Think of this as similar to a Bearpocalypse or East Coast Stamina tournament, only with a larger number of people. I don't have specific songs picked out yet, but there will be timeslots for everyone to play their set(s). There will be a limited number of timeslots. There will be qualifiers to determine who gets in.

The qualifiers will likely be a mix of technical charts (13-15 range) and stamina/speed charts (16-18 range). Im thinking the technical-end of the qualifier will be worth somewhere around half of what the stamina part is, but that's still yet to be determined. Basically it will benefit you to be good at both stamina and have the ability to do technical stuff/FA.

The one thing that will differentiate this tournament from other stamina/speed tournaments is allowing people to bracket and/or mash, but at a penalty. I need to mess around with the numbers a bit more, but at this point I'm thinking bad judgements (those being greats or lower) will detract from your score somehow proportionally to how much you bracket/mash. It might just be a percentage thing, a set number of bad judgements per song, something to do with what score you finish with, or a combination of things.

I decided to allow bracketing/mashing because they are actually semi-legit skills. The idea of the game is to hit the arrows (albeit, with as good timing as you can), but with people continuing to push the difficulty range further and further, the timing part has sort of gone out the window and it's all about passing the hardest stuff you can; FTS comes to mind. A good number of players conserve to the point where they get bad judgements all over the place but can pass 18+'s, whereas other players (little matt comes to mind) can pass the same song but not without a little bit of bracketing. This tournament is to have people get through the hardest stuff they can using any way possible.

I plan to have a (or possibly multiple) custom dedicab marquees made up for the event and then the winners will get their pick. There's a guy I work with who has capability to do vinyl printing and I'm pretty sure I can get some marquees made from him (if not, I'll just find another place around here to get them printed on vinyl or something). **I NEED DESIGNS!** There will likely be some sort of ~art contest~, and I can have an extra one made for the winner to encourage participation.

- Since I don't want my address public, it's posted on the event page here: https://www.facebook...80895942115404/
- I live in the middle of nowhere, but about 15 minutes north of I-80. In town there's a grocery store, a really crappy walmart, and a sheetz at a minimum.
- If you'd like to show up before the event or stay afterwards, talk to me! There are probably only a select few people I'd let do this.
- Because of the location and the number of people coming, I can't provide food for everyone. Please bring your own or buy it in town.
- We are on septic, not public water. Showers and water usage will be limited because having 100 people showering over the course of a weekend will not bode well for our septic tank. Not sure how that will be handled as of yet.
- There is plenty of room to sleep on floors, tents are encouraged!

Other Events
The property is 213 acres total, a lot of it is swamp but there are swim-able areas. Plan for some huge bonfires, swimming, capture the flag, shuffleboard tournament, and other potentially fun things!


More details to come, just wanted to get some initial information out there. Hope to see you in June!




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(download here: http://240bpm.com/kr... qualifiers.zip )
Hero (13) - some really technical djawn from Jim Nero
Robot Brain Era (18) - Unreleased dark psytrance song from an upcoming pack by Sam Walczak! GET HYPE

Bracketing and mashing allowed on both. Just know there will be some sort of penalty for the number of greats, decents, and way-offs you get compared to the number of fantastics/excellents. (Basically, you want to score as high as you can but still pass). I will also be cutting the number of entrants off somewhere at 15 or less - still yet to be determined.

Another note! The date is still somewhat up in the air. Our landlords are very actively trying to sell the house, and have been giving us hardly any notice before they show the place. I think it would be HILARIOUS if they wanted to show it when everyone was here; Id have to be like "suuuure, but there are 50 people downstairs hope you dont mind yolo". That said, it could sell before the end of June and I may have to push the date and change the location slightly. ~I'll keep you in the know~

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