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[Pack] The Legend Of Zim 4

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File Name: The Legend Of Zim 4
File Submitter: Krushrpants
File Submitted: 16 Jan 2014
File Category: Simfile Packs

Posted Image

Well, here it is: the fourth installment in my Legend of Zim series, the biggest, best compendium of mine to date. 44 simfiles are included (34 of which are unreleased), all with graphics done by yours truly. As always, I'm bringing a ton of variety with this pack -- both in terms of steps (ZIMCORE GIMIMIX to some straightforward stuff) and song selection (EASTERN CRUNK to Sadistic Hardcore to Turkish Psytrance). I put a ton of effort into this, and it really paid off. I really think you guys are really going to enjoy these files. Shoutouts to basically anyone who has influenced my simfile craft over the last two years, anyone who enjoys my files and encourages me to make more, and anyone who sees simfile artistry as just that: an art. You guys rock; this pack is for you.

Oh and special shoutout to Mootz for being an amazing step artist, an awesome dude, and for helping me pad test the 13s because I am too fat.

ERRATA (10/30/10): Big Papi himself (aka mute) was kind enough to improve the audio and the sync for Papi (Dubmood Remix). Before the BPM was slightly off. Now it's dead on and the cut sounds way better. Major props to mute on this one. The pack has been reuploaded with the new .sm and audio.

Well, I think that's enough chit chat -- without further ado, I give you the Legend of Zim Part 4 file descriptions:

Posted Image

Alejandro (Skrillex Remix) - Lady Gaga - Electro/Grime - Expert 10

Grimy, electro-ish remix I knew I had to step the moment I heard it (Skrillex tunes seem to have that effect on me). Fairly straightforward, for the most part, though there is certainly a generous sprinkling of zimcore gimmicks in the grimy middle section. A couple short slowdowns, one of which near the end prevents this from being completely sightreadable (it's a dope slowdown though). Also I'm realllllly happy with this cut; since it took a while to do and I rearranged the song here and there. Shoutouts to Jeff Mothafukken Lloyd on this one, since IIRC he's a Lady Gaga fanboy yeyeye.

Posted Image

Almsty's Opening Theme - Zaghurim - Video Game Metal - Expert 13

Fairly long, tiring (well by my fat standards) 13 footer. Found this song in SMG2, I believe, and figured I'd give it a pad chart. Lots of 16th note runs at 180 BPM or so, and the occasional 24th note burst (the first of which is kinda a dick move, but deal.gif). Longer file that what I usually make, clocking in at around 2:30. Shoutouts to whoever the fuck Almsty is. Also my homie TEEX, because this is his jam. 8)

Posted Image

Astrosexy - m-flo - J-Rap/Electro - Expert 11

Gotta love m-flo. Really fun, insanely-steppable tune from the duo that I charted with twisting and turning in mind -- this chart is pretty crossover heavy, but they all flow really well and are hardly a chore at ~125 BPM or whatever. Light gimmicks going with DJ scratch sounds. A few 32nd note trills that might surprise you on a first play-through (they're not that hard at all, though, just wiggle your feet like a parkinsons). Some solid pitch relevancy throughout, something I always like to include when I can and when it's not overbearing.

Posted Image

Bad Maniacs - kors k as teranoid - INDUSTRIAL - Expert 12

A completely badass INDUSTRIAL song from teranoid featured in IIDX Empress CS as a preview for Sirius AC. It's gabber/hardcore, with some straightforward-yet-demanding 16th note rhythms. The chart doesn't really get hard until the last 40% or so, so I rated it a 12 footer. I could've potentially had a shitload of jumps, but I held off on them. There are also no crossovers. I'd call this completely straightforward, but there are some gimmicks, some of which aren't sightreabable (but they're pretty easy to learn). The mine count is high, but they are mostly for decorative purposes and occur in sections without any steps, for the most part. They shouldn't create any awkwardness.

Posted Image

BROKEN EDEN - MYTHOLOGIA by MLREC. - Symphonic-Tek - Expert 12

Really cool operatic sounding song from the new IIDX: Resort Anthem. Mid level 12; plenty of 16th note runs, occasional short 24th note trills (no petty task at ~160 BPM). A couple short slowdowns transitioning between sections, a slowdown to finish the file, as well. Really happy with how these graphics came out, too.

Posted Image

Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Mix) - Major Lazer - Dancehall/Dub - Expert 11

MAJOR LAAAAZER. Dubby ass tune from dancehall duo Major Lazer's recent EP -- the bass is so nice here. Pretty straightforward 11 with the exception of this middle verse where the vocals get kinda syncopated and stuff. Gets repetitive sorta maybe? But to combat that I vary stuff up with jump patterns at the end. This turned out really fun.

Posted Image

Cansei de S NIK - PRASTIK DANCEFLOOR - Fidget House - Expert 11

Another awesome song from IIDX Resort Anthem. PRASTIK DANCEFLOOR is pretty damn good at making awesome songs. This song, as the genre suggests, is definitely pretty "fidgety." There's a ton of crazy stuff going on that makes for some really varied, pitch relevant steps. There are some cool 16th note runs constructed to best accent the triplet rhythm there, some cool 16th note triple stuff, some fun gallops, a ton of 24th/32nd note bursts throughout. Some fun 12th note stuff in the dubstep sounding parts, too, like the closing measures. Really happy with how this one came out.

Posted Image

Dances With Snow Fairies - Dr. Honda - トレンディートランス (Trendy Trance) - Expert 13

One of my favorite songs from the recent IIDX Resort Anthem. This chart is kinda the spiritual successor to my previous pack's ANDROMEDA II. I say that because they are both 16th note run heavy, with 24th note trills inserted between section. Other shocking similarities: I decided to simplify the 32nds to 24ths here again, to make the chart not stupid; this song, like ANDROMEDA II, runs around 150 BPM. So yeah it's kinda tiring, and probably hell if you suck at trills. But yeah dope song.

Posted Image

FINAL AUDITION 3 U.F - BANYA - Fiddle Beatz - Expert 11

One of my favorite songs from PIU, a game I wished I played more. This is definitely a crossover file, most characteristically so during the fiddle run in the middle. 180s baby, wat it do. Other than that, fairly straightforward breakbeat patterns. Some cool accenting mines. One short slowdown.

Posted Image

Future Invasion - YMCK - Chiptune - Expert 15

The "boss chart" of the pack, I guess? Really fun, happy-sounding chiptune. The chart is also fun, assuming you can do longer 24th note trills and runs around 150 BPM. That's precisely how the file ends. The first half is more 16th note heavy, with occasional 24th note drills. But yeah I'm fairly certain this is a 15. Correct me if I'm mistaken or something.

Posted Image

Go Reimu!! - AU - TOUHOU SPEED BEATZ - Expert 13

Really cool mash-up of Go Beyond!! and what I believe is Dream Battle (correct me if I'm wrong, touhou-fags). Kinda unbalanced 13 footer, in the sense that there is a giant run in the middle but other than that it's fairly straightforward. Some sightreadable stop gimmicks around the beginning and the end. Slowdowns are another focal point of the chart; the file runs at 200, 100, 50, and 25 BPM at various points. Might take a try or two to get down. Shoutouts to SPOOTY BISCUIT LE GRAN TOHO.

Posted Image

Harmony and Lovely - Ryu* - PROGRESSIVE HOUSE - Expert 10

The 135 BPM Ryu* classic from IIDX DistorteD. I've never really seen a satisfactory chart for this, so I decided to take a stab at it. It's a pretty twisty 10 footer; I'd compare it to Know Your Enemy, if I had to compare it to an official. The crossovers are all consistently placed, though, and they keep the file from becoming too repetitive. Plus, the crossover vs. non-crossover sections produce neat "gradients" throughout. Some pitch relevance here and there. One brief, obvious slowdown.

Posted Image

Harmony and Lovely -contemporary chamber mix- - TOMOSUKE - CHAMBER HOUSE - Expert 11

TOMOSUKE's brilliant remix of Harmony and Lovely. It's a little quicker than the original, running at 150 BPM. The chart is much more challenging, too. There are quite a few syncopated piano runs, especially in the middle of the tune. It's a tough 11; some might consider it an easier 12. Some fun accenting with mines. No crossovers, with the exception of a few 8th notes around holds. Awesome song.

Posted Image

Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix) - iSquare - Dubstep - Expert 11

Some filthy dubstep for you, the second Skrillex remix in the pack. This file is pretty gimmicky during the wobble wobble parts. Mostly bounce gimmicks; a few choice stop gimmicks. Getting all the BPM tricks consistent throughout took some time and was definitely sorta tedious haha. The rest of the file is much simpler, a lot of syncopated patterns going with the sexy vocal hook. These parts kinda get repetitive though; I wish a better cut was possible but yeah. DUBBBSTEP.

Posted Image

Hybrid Landscape - Sota Fujimori - TEC-DRUM'N'BASS - Expert 11

Great Sota DnB track from DistorteD CS. It makes for some good variety, and some really fun 16th note patterns. Some shorter 24th note drills throughout; some fun accenting with mines; the works. One stops near the end that will probably trip you up if you don't know the song; that said it's not hard to learn. I've had this done for a while, so it feels good to finally release it.

Posted Image

In And Out Of Love - Armin Van Buuren feat. Sharon Den Adel - Trance - Expert 11

The token trance streamwhore chart. This ain't no streeaaammmz chart, though -- the runs are all musically justified. But yeah this song is reallllly good. Chart is mostly streams, a few cool down spots with holds surrounded by mines, and one really neat part before the longest run where the chart goes to 11 BPM as a suspenseful oh-snap transition into the final climactic run. Song clocks in around 3 minutes, I think.

Posted Image

In The Night (The Real Booty Babes Mix) - Scandalous - Handz Up - Expert 10

Technical 10 footer with segments of jackhammers and footswitches, the latter are marked with mines and follow the jacks. Quite a few accenting holds going with the vocals to spice up the 8th note sections. Heard a version of this song in PIU Pro 2 at the Break, and thought it was too catchy to pass up.

Posted Image

Kecak - John Robinson - Trance (KEKEKEKEKE TRANCE) - Expert 11

Motherfucking Kecak. Unsurprisingly (if you know the IIDX Red song, which I really hope you do), there are a bunch of runs at the end. Tons of accenting mines wooty woot. Some breakbeat 16th note patterns throughout, quite a few gallops. Accenting holds in the last quarter accenting background yells or whatever. Rock on.

Posted Image

Light Shine - Ryu* - Bubblegum Dance - Expert 9

Yet another Ryu* jam, this time one of his recent contributions to IIDX Sirius. It's a bouncy little tune that sounds akin to Bass 2 Bass from jubeat. It has the same hip hop interludes and happy, catchy melodies. I chose to follow these happy melodies for the most part; there are quite a few amen break fills, but they weren't nearly as prominent (I did follow some breaks in choice spots, though). But yeah, a couple crossovers here and there, mostly in the syncopated hip hop sections. There are a bunch of hands, too, which work really well, I think. Also, pitch relevant jackhammers! Huzzah!

Posted Image

Malice - Zaghurim - Malicious Pianoez - Expert 13

The legendary Malice, now a pad chart ohshit. The chart ranges from 50 - 195 BPM, and pretty much every BPM in between. The "gimmick" here is definitely being able to time this bitch. There's a longish section at 150 BPM or so, a longish section at 175 BPM or so, the last section runs at 195 BPM, and then a ton of sections in between where the BPM is steadily dropping or rising. Also it's a solely piano piece, by the way, which is kinda cool. Definitely a technical, tricky file. Impress your friendz by doing well on it! Yeah! Also the skeleton is from the original keyboard file by Zaghurim, so credit for that goes to him. He's the best.

Posted Image

nemeton - ripple - Primal Beatz - Expert 11

My entrance into the dark, mysterious world of foot-switches (hopefully they're still relevant and cool). Foot-switches are the focal point of this file, pretty much occurring every couple beats, for the most part. The chart runs at 136 BPM, so you might consider this file a good foot-switch practice file in preparation for the big boys (Flames of the Sky, etc). They're not marked by mines or anything because there are no jacks to distinguish from here, solely footswitches. I ran this by Mad Matt to check if the foot-switches all worked, and he said the flow was fine -- so shoutouts to him for checking this over for me.

Posted Image

One Time (NEMO Remix) - Justin Bieber - Mash-up - Expert 10

Really glitchy remix by my main man (and stepman legend) NEMO. Zimcore gimmicks allll over the place. No seriously trying patterns though, so it remains a fairly simple 10 footer; the longer 16th note patterns are all drills, for instance, easy stuff. Fun pitch relevant 8th note jacks. Mine usage isn't exactly light, but it shouldn't get in your way that much, if at all.

Posted Image

Papi (Dubmood Remix) - Meneo - 8bit Electro - Expert 10

My tribute to my man mute and his Papi franchise; this one goes out to you, man. Super cool 8bit electro remix of the Meneo classic. Makes for a mid level 10 with some cool stop tricks here and there. The patterns aren't difficult at all save a few 16th note jackhammers, which aren't really an issue either. Fun warm-up.

Posted Image

Play back hate you - Akira Yamaoka - Ogura Techno - Expert 11

Some quality Akira Yamaoka beats hailing from IIDX Gold. The tune is sorta separated into segments where on synth/instrument takes the forefront, which makes for some nice variety. Some easier, gradual crossovers in the 16th notes to add some more variety. Pitch relevant column patterns in the runs. Longer holds accenting the held notes later on; shorter holds accenting vocals in 8th note sections. A solid warm-up.

Posted Image

Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix) - Mistabishi - Dubstep - Expert 10

ZIMCORE RECTUM-STYLE ONI STEPZ. Filthy dubstep remix of the DnB anthem that makes for some really cool gimmicks, quite obviously accenting the...well..."printer jam" featured in the tune. The gimmicks are all really consistent; the skeleton took fucking forever to make, holy shit. Most of the gimmicks are "sightreadable" (meaning the quantization is normal), but it'll still take a few tries to master. There are a couple harder speedup sections and slowdowns that might be less predictable. Also sick nasty 12th note jacks (a la Jig) going with the wobbly bass. Kinda repetitive, but still kinda dope. Certainly not a file for the faint-hearted.

Posted Image

Red Planet Redux - Shroomer - SPEEDY BEATZ - Expert 14

Footspeed oriented file (220 BPM 16th note runs are still associated with footspeed, right?). So yeah this is a somewhat difficult file, the toughest part probably being the long 16th note run. There are also quite a few 8th note jacks, which may or may not be really hard for people. I suggest treating them as jacks for maximum stepmania satisfaction, but there's always the (less cool) option of treating them all as footswitches. Really fun, almost 8bit sounding tune from one of Kita Khyber's many aliases.

Posted Image

Run Around (Udachi Remix) - Jason Tyler - Electro/Dubstep - Expert 10

Super dubby, bass heavy song. This was a really old chart of mine I decided to overhaul, because I really like the song and its awesome stepman potential. Pretty gimmicky; stops on rolls where the voice is glitching, stop runs, etc. Worth noting maybe: whenever the vocalist mentions a direction (North, South, West, East) I step accordingly. I'm just that cool. This one goes out to my man Monst3rjoe, kicking it up in Chi-Town. Love you, you type of gay.

Posted Image

Run Away - Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira - Eurodance - Expert 11

You might know this better as the Sexy Sax Guy song or whatever it's going by on youtube. Mostly 16th note streams (once again, all musically justified). They all start with Tell jumps for an added punch, but I doubt that will be much of an issue since this song is like 130 BPM or something. Cool 16th note jack parts when the saxophone comes in. One short slowdown. This sorta resembles and draws influence on Mandodo's lighter stream files, so this one goes out to him. You da man, Joy.

Posted Image

Saikyou OX Keikaku - MOSAIC.WAV - Epic Oriental J-Pop? - Expert 12

The 1st OP to Sumomomo Momomo, really cool song. This was originally stepped for keyboard in SMG1, and I've wanted to give it a pad shot for a while. Finally did, and I'm really happy with the result. Ended up sticking with the almost 3 minute version, because it offered great variety all the way through. Definitely a harder 12. A bunch of runs and various 16th note patterns at 176 BPM, also some 24th note trills oh baby. The guitar solo gets a little syncopated, but it's rad.

Posted Image

Sexplosion (DJ Marcin Remix) - East Clubbers - Handz Up - Expert 10

Considered using this as my Comp V entry at one point. Tons of variety; 16th note patterns, 12th note patterns, 64th note swing patterns -- the works. Some cool gimmicks here and there that might take a try or two to get down, mostly notably a series of cheatable hands right at the intro going with the "1,2,3". But yeah, fun varied file.

Posted Image

Space Time - NISH - Energetic Trance - Expert 11

Yet another Resort Anthem song. This energetic trance song makes for mostly straightforward, fun steps. There's some cool variety, too, with 24th note bursts and a 64th note swing section. A few 32nd note runs where the BPM halves that might take some of you by surprise at first. These might be tricky for peeps that can't read slow BPMs well. A few 32nd note bursts throughout. Definitely a fun, energetic 11 footer.

Posted Image

Stardust Ocean - M-Project - J-Core - Expert 13

Cool M-Project song from BASTARD POP TERRORISTS Volume 7 (a series I love to death btw). Some quick 16th note patterns, some 24th note bursts, some rolls accenting glitchy effects. A longer slowdown in the middle that transitions into the buildup to the final stream, which is somewhat taxing, stamina-wise, I'd warrant. Pretty straightforward, pretty fun 13 footer.

Posted Image

STEEL NOODLE - Mootz - Chipbreak (BEMANI-STYLE) - Expert 13

This is an older song of Mootz' I've been meaning to step for a while. It's an awesome upbeat chipbreak jam running at 188 BPM, ripe with well known Bemani samples. The chart is kinda hard, but I'd call it an easier 13. The great majority of the file is amen break patterns, so quite a few 16th note quintuplets broken up with jumps and 16th note triples. There are a couple lapses in intensity you could consider breaks. Some simple pitch relevance here and there. Very light, sightreadable stop gimmicks here and there.

Posted Image

TENDER KISS (175BPM Dance Mix) - Spy47 - J-Core - Expert 11

The awesome Spy47 remix of the Nursery☆Rhyme OP, true my heart. It's pretty straightforward; I opted to use stop-gimmicked rolls instead of 24th note trills here, and I really like the result. The "chorus" section is a little syncopated, rhythmically, but nothing really to worry about. Really fun 11 footer. Sister file with true my heart (check it out below!).

Posted Image

The Dirty of Loudness - Tatsh AssaultX - Sadistic Hardcore - Expert 11

I've never seen a good chart for this legendary IIDX jam, so I tried my hand at it. Kinda straightforward throughout. Understandably and unsurprisingly I went with stops for the part that everyone expects to have stops. If you don't the song (which I'm sure most of you do) these parts will take a moment or two to learn. A few other stops gimmicks here and there (and one cool speedup) that don't take any memorization. The last few measures of the tune are kinda weird -- there's a bunch of suspenseful slowdowns and stuff, and then a IIDX homage with the final quad hand. But yeah this turned out fun.

Posted Image

Throwing Fire - Ronald Jenkees - Fiery Beat - Expert 10

Classic Jenkees. Really cool slower jam of his that makes for some really odd (albeit awesome), syncopated rhythms. Some crossovers and Tell jump patterns throughout that shouldn't be an issue at 105 BPM. The pitch relevancy is pretty damn solid here.

Posted Image

Time to Oil Up - zircon feat. Jillian Aversa - Turkish Psytrance - Expert 11

Hakan is awesome. So is his theme. So is this remix by the legendary zircon (and his lovely wife Jillian). The chart has some cool flams throughout and some 24th note quadruplets going with the ethnic synth. Short 16th runs throughout into Tell jumps. One short slowdown in the middle. Ends with some neat 12th note stuff.

Posted Image

true my heart - ave,new feat. Saori Sakura - WEEABOO - Expert 9

The OP to the eroge Nursery☆Rhyme-ナーサリィ☆ライム-. I'm really happy with how this chart turned out. It's a straightforward, fun 9 footer that doesn't really pull any uncool punches. Solid pitch relevance here and there, particularly in the chorus. Some accenting holds going with the voice; accenting crossovers in these sections, too (accenting the bell-like sound). Sister file to TENDER KISS (175 BPM Dance Mix) (Check it out a few songs above this!). This one goes out to joe number motherfucking two, weeaboo extraordinaire. That man got some TOHOS.

Posted Image

Trust Me - 松下優也 - J R&B - Expert 9

Figured I'd go ahead and step this while it's topical. This is the ED to the currently airing Durarara!! I made a cut from the full version though, so it's not exactly TV size. It's a really smooth J R&B tune running at 98 BPM. There are quite a few crossovers, but they are not difficult at this BPM and really spice up the file. There are also some fun Tell jumps on hits and cymbal crashes throughout. There is one slowdown with a 32nd note run (treated as 16th notes) and one speedup gimmick on a roll later on. I layered quite a bit, but I really like how it turned out. This might be my favorite 9 I've ever made.

Posted Image

Unicorn tail - DJ YOSHITAKA - Breakbeats Trance - Expert 12

Really cool song from Empress CS I've been meaning to step for a while. Classic Yoshitaka trancecore with a hefty dash of amen breaks. That said, the break beats are pretty varied in this song, so the patterns aren't repetitive or anything. Aside from the amens, there are some 16th note bursts here and there and even a few 24th note drills, no small task at 170 BPM (though they're really not that hard, and I made sure they all start on the right foot). A few chill sections with accenting holds. Mines to accent cymbal crashes, speedups (there is one slowdown early on), etc. Light gimmicks with rolls. I've pad tested this a few times, and I really like how it turned out. Also, this is my 150th file released here at r21freak, which I suppose is somewhat of a milestone.

Posted Image

Wamono - Hifana - EASTERN CRUNK - Expert 11

By the same amazing duo that brought you Tanglang. This is a really cool breakbeat/electro/turntablism/orientalbeatz jam that makes for some really cool steps. A lot of ethnic sound instruments here that made for fun, varied, interesting patterns. Some 32nd note trills throughout, which aren't a big deal at 120 BPM. Also, some Tell jumps. Also, some wicked sweet DJ scratch stuff. Interestingly enough, there aren't that many gimmicks here. The ending is kinda a bitch though, definitely a little syncopated hehe.

Posted Image

XYZ ''Euro remix'' - Cranky - Eurobeat - Expert 11

Really energetic eurobeat jam from Cranky that sets itself up for some neat steps. There are a bunch of 16th note bursts, interspersed with 24th note drills -- which, at ~150 BPM, definitely get you up and moving. Some really fun gimmicks throughout, though they will take a moment or two to learn (at least one of them will, IIRC). The ending has some forced doublestepping which might make some of you cry I dunno. I also almost used this as my Comp V entry.

Posted Image

Yuuyake ~Fading Day~ - JAKAZiD - Aural Adrenaline - Expert 13

Probably my favorite song from Resort Anthem (along with the new Nekomata Master/Sana song). JAKAZiD is seriously like the best "J-Core" producer out there imo, goddamn. Song is full as energy, as is the chart -- a solid 13 footer. Some 16th note patterns to get you warmed up, a short slowdown with some neat pitch relevant, simple steps, some short buildup runs, and then a super awesome holy shit stream in the middle of the song. This goes on for a little while then we finish with some neat syncopated stuff. All in all a good deal of variety and energy, an unbeatable combination. Stop gimmicks on the vocal stutter, and some light bounce gimmicks on holds. Really fun file, one of my favorites from the pack.

Posted Image

$$ Troopers - Huoratron - Electro/Speedcore/Seriously - Expert 11

ZIMCORE WAT IT DO. This song is pretty damn weird, going from dubby 8bit electro synths to doubled-BPM speedcore runs. The chart reflects this and keeps thing pretty damn interesting throughout. The intro has a ton of crazy bounce gimmicks accenting the elastic-sounding saw wave synth there. Then we get some cool 8bit electro goodness for a while, where we encounter some 32nd note bursts and all sorts of neat BPM tricks. Then the speedcore part hits and the file switches from 125 BPM to 250 BPM. The patterns here are really easy to memorize, which was my intent (so you don't have to play this on 2.5X or something). This speedcore section occurs twice, with very slight differences in patterning. Pretty awesome, very weird simfile. Part of me wants to call this the spiritual successor to Jig, even though it's actually pretty different. But yeah rock on. FUKKEN ZIMCORE TIL I DIE.

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