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Triumph Leaderboard, Valex 5 and 6, and Sudziosis 3-5!

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Today I have great pleasure of announcing a new feature on Groovestats:  the Triumph Leaderboard!

Here's how it works: For every score on an ITG song you submit (across ALL PACKS ranked on the site) that's rated a minimum of 14-blocks in difficulty, you receive points.  The formula is as follows:

Points = ((Block Rating - 12)^3 * (score^2.1 / 5000 ))

In plain english, though, what this means is that you will receive points relative to your score and the difficulty of the chart.  Basically: the more hard stuff you submit, and the better you do on it, the higher your points will be.

In case the name didn't make this clear already, this feature is meant to be the "Yin" to the Quad Leaderboard's "Yang".  As such, I've made various enhancements in that regard, as well-- you can now access a list of your 14+ scores and the points you're receiving for each of them under the Detailed Songs tab on your profile, but you can ALSO pull up a list of your quads across all packs AND all games.   You can navigate to these breakdowns by either going to your profile, or by clicking on a user name on the respective leaderboards.  Your Quad Count and Triumph Points also display on the main screen of your profile if you've earned a place on either leaderboard.

I've also made some adjustments to the site in terms of gearing it more towards the custom scene.  Previously, many pages would default to ITG 1/2 for viewing; it's now been set to default to All ITG Packs wherever I deemed it prudent.

Finally, I've added Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventures 5 and 6 as well as Sudziosis 3-5 as ranked packs on the site.  A lot of work has gone into this update, and this is probably some of the coolest stuff that I've done on the site since I took over.  I'm hoping this motivates people to improve at the game, and to be more competitive with others on the site!


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