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TonyTheTGR (baconman, Nightime, D34DM34T)

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You might know me from some older DDR forums under one of these screennames. Especially if you've been around ZiV, or the older sites (DDRFreak, DDRUK, Dance With Intensity, The Melting Pot, etc.).

Recently got back into the game after a long hiatus; and a trip to this year's Kumoricon got me turned on to the Helblinde pack, which is what brought me here.

For the uninitiated; I started playing DDR back with Solo 2000 (in 1999), and later worked on the official simfiles prior to Stepmania's "big takeoff." At the time, DDR had no localization, and it was really just a means of practicing patternwork without going broke at the arcade. The sync was terrible (but so were some of the older games, like 2nd Mix!), and I did make mistakes - back then, it was pure memorywork from arcade play; and no fancy gui - DWI files were raw notepad, and syncing was trial-and-error based on judgement timings during playtesting. Did you know INSERTiON changes speeds FIFTY TIMES? Neither did I, until I tried to chart that shit. /shudders

Well, anyways... I went on at DDRFreak to pitch the idea of Konamix to Konami's marketing presence there, and suffice to say, the rest is history. I dropped after DDR STR!KE/Extreme 2; because Extreme 2 and Ultramix 2 gave me the confidence that DDR was finally being given "adequate" localization efforts... and while some people were disappointed about "dropback"  tracks (songs that, for instance, were in SuperNOVA arcade and then SuperNOVA 2 PS2), I understand why they did it - to cut back on repeat tracks, which the JP versions after SuperNOVA feature pretty strongly.

I had no idea at the time, that Stepmania would grow into this beautiful community that it's become today. And I'm not sure if I'm responsible for bringing DDR to life or to death. But DDR A is out now! So, here's to the best of both worlds, once again!

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